The vision for all courts in the Florida Judicial Branch is:

Justice in Florida will be accessible, fair, effective, responsive and accountable.

    • To be accessible, the Florida Justice System will be convenient, understandable, timely, and affordable to everyone.
    • To be fair, it will respect the dignity of every person, regardless of race, class, gender or other characteristic, apply the law appropriately to the circumstances of individual cases, and include judges and court staff that reflect the community's diversity.
    • To be effective, it will uphold the law and apply rules and procedures consistently and in a timely manner, resolve cases with finality, and provide enforceable decisions.
    • To be responsive, it will anticipate and respond to the needs of all members of society, and provide a variety of dispute resolution methods.
    • To be accountable, the Florida Justice System will use public resources efficiently, and in a way that the public can understand.

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